Thursday, March 26, 2015

10 Cutest Girls Of Winter 2015

Okay guys, we've got a new type of article today. Instead of reviewing a certain show or compiling a list of the best anime, I will be compiling a list of what I consider to be the cutest and best girls to come out of this season. It's been something I've been meaning to do for a while now, so I figured I'd get around to it in order to avoid the essay that I should be writing for class right now.

This list DOES contain the leftover shows from Fall 2014 because I wanted to be fair and whatnot. I was also going to make a rule stating that no one show could have over TWO girls make it to list -- but I had to break that rule because this happens to be the season that new idols from 346 Pro decided to show their faces.

The girls will be rated by their personality, voice, and their appearance.


10) Nona

Anime: Death Parade
CV: Rumi Okubo

To be honest, a huge reason for why I like Nona so much comes from the opening to Death Parade where she is playing DDR and just being flat-out adorable. In addition to that, there is a certain mystique to her that just grabs hold of my interest each time she is one the screen -- which isn't nearly as much as it should be, considering her importance to the show.

9) Anastasia

Anime: The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls
CV: Sumire Uesaka

Foreign girls in anime are very often hit-or-miss. Anastasia is an absolute hit. Seeing her struggle to speak Japanese to the other girls in 346 Pro is what makes her so damn adorable. In addition to that, she is always optimistic and just a delight to watch.

8) Touka Kirishima

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul √A
CV: Sora Amamiya

Touka is so badass, yet so dedicated and cute. I've loved her since the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, but seeing her pushing herself in her studies all in order to get closer to Kaneki is just adorable. She's a lot more moe this season than she was last season, but it makes sense considering the amount of time that lapsed between them, which gave her more time to accept the way she feels.

7) Emi Igawa

Anime: Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (Your Lie In April)
CV: Saori Hayami

Emi is so head-over-heels for Kousei she pushes herself to the edge every single performance just so he might notice her. There is an episode of Your Lie In April where Emi disguises herself to go see Kousei perform, but is then caught and goes into a fit of panic, denying the true reason for her disguise. Even though she had a lot less creen-time than the other girls in the show, Emi was my personal favorite just because of how love-struck she was.

6) Aoi Miyamori

Anime: Shirobako
CV: Juri Kimura

Aoi is probably the most realistic girl on this countdown. She struggles to figure out what exactly she wants to do with her life while all of her friends have clear-cut ideas on exactly what they want to pursue. It is this realism combined with her onslaught of cute outfits and tendency for over-analyzing things and thinking too much that makes her a favorite character of mine.

5) Eriri Spencer Sawamura

Anime: Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata
CV: Saori Oonishi

I love tsundere girls. I also love childhood friends. Put those things together and you get Eriri  Spencer Sawamura -- complete with the blonde-twintails that all proper tsundere girls must have. Out of all the girls in Saekano, Eriri is the one that deserves the MC the most. It just sucks that Tomoya is only into 2D girls. Oh well, I can relate I guess.

4) Rin Shibuya

Anime: The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls
CV: Ayaka Fukuhara

Rin was originally my favorite out of the Cinderella Girls. She is the only one out of all of them that was reluctant to even become an idol. Her character is basically the result of a semi-tomboyish girl being sucked into the world of cute outfits and singing, and watching her adjust to it over time is what makes her so great.

3) Mika Jougasaki

Anime: The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls
CV: Haruka Yoshimura

It took me little while to accept that I liked Mika more than I liked Rin. I think the driving force in changing my original opinion really stems from how she is always looking out for her little sister, Rika. That mixed with her hair. She has really nice hair. Just look at it. I have a soft-spot for idols and she is 346 Pro's star, which earns her even more bonus points. Even though she isn't part of the main squad that Cinderella Girls revolves around, she is still my favorite.

2) Shizuka Sakaki

Anime: Shirobako
CV: Haruka Chisuga

Shizuka is an awesome character because she is the only girl in Shirobako that things never really go well for. She is also debatably the most driven and the only one who has always known what she has wanted her career path to be. It's just that voice acting in Japan is such a competitive job market that newcomers often have an incredibly hard time getting their foot in the door. Watching her fail and constantly get back up on her feet while trying to support herself with her part-time restaurant job makes her not only adorable, but strong and determined. 10/10. Also, her hair.

Winter 2015 Champion: 1) Kongou

Anime: Kantai Collection
CV: Nao Touyama

Kongou is the cutest boat you will ever see. But those of you that haven't watched Kantai Collection will have no idea what that means, so go watch it and come to terms with your love for ship-girls. Kongou is half British and half Japanese, which is a plus on its own. Having her constantly weave in English words during conversation makes her ten times cuter and a hundred times more hilarious. Having half of those words be vulgar earns her EVEN MORE points. PLUS, she makes up her own names for all of the other ship-girls. Kongou needs more screen-time and ten seasons of an anime purely about her. I'd watch the hell out of it. She is the ultimate champion of the season and I will defend that until I sink.

And there you have it, everyone. These are the absolute cutest girls from the past three months. Feel free to change your phone wallpapers, desktop backgrounds, etc.

- See you at the end of next season for my next "Top 10 Cutest Girls"

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