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10 Cutest Girls Of Summer 2015

It is time, once again, for the moment you have all been waiting for. It's time to round up all the girls from all the shows we have watched this season, line them up, and choose which ones stay and which ones go. However, there can only be ten. So those ten to need to prove their worth in my newest "Top 10 Girls of the Season" countdown. But before we begin, here is a quick lowdown of what to expect.

When I've done these countdowns in the past, I've tried to formulate rules and regulations to make it as fair as possible. At first I said there couldn't be more than two girls per show. That rule is no-more. After that, I said there couldn't be more than three and that sequels didn't count. Once again, no more. I have decided, for the benefit of everyone, that the only rule I will now enforce is that girls who have appeared in other "Top Girls" countdowns of mine, can not appear in this one or any other countdowns after them. So that's what we're doing this time. However, next season I will probably overrule that...rule...once again and completely change the game for a third time.

Anyway, let's get down to business. Girls are ranked by not only appearance, but personality/voice/blah blah blah, etc.

10) Miyu Edelfelt

Anime: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!
CV: Kaori Nazuka

I can't remember why I left Miyu out of my Winter 2015 countdown, but here she is now in all her glory. Miyu is quiet and only slightly-lesbian, which earns her several more cute points. She's super quiet and easily flustered, but is always serious when it matters. In addition to that, she knows magic and magic is cool.

9) Rikka Kusunoki

Anime: God Eater
CV: Chiaki Omigawa

Even though Rikka has barely had time to shine in God Eater, there is no doubt in my mind that she is the shining star of the show. I mean, look at her. She has goggles. When aren't goggles an attractive accessory for a girl? That's right, they always are. She could also probably fix my car if it broke down. AND, she is basically the spitting-image of Sunny from the Metal Gear Series, another extremely adorable character, Needless to say, Rikka was an easy addition to this season's countdown.

8) Ichigo Moesaki

Anime: Sore Ga Seiyuu!
CV: Yuki Nagaku

Hailing from Planet Strawberry is Ichigo Moesaki, rookie voice-actress and part-time factory worker. It's kind of a weird decision for me to add her, considering my complete hatred for strawberries, but here she is anyway. Her hyperactive personality and drive to do...berry-related things (???) makes her an adorable character and my favorite of the show (Listed above). Also, pink hair.

7) Chieri Ogata

Anime: The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls
CV: Naomi Oozora

At first, I didn't care for Chieri. I rarely like the quiet girls. But she is one of those exceptions (Much like Miyu at #10) where being quiet just works out for them. Chieri is easily the most bashful and reserved of the Cinderella Girls, but that doesn't make her any less cute. In fact, it makes her better than most of them. She also like clovers and I am very Irish, so there are more cute points right there. Good job, Chieri.

6) Illyasviel Von Einzbern

Anime: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!
CV: Mai Kadowaki

I can't tell if I like Fate/Kaleid Illya or Fate/Stay Illya more. But there is no Fate/Stay anime this season so this is my only option and the only way to get her onto this list. Illyasviel is almost always freaking out about something in the newest season of Fate/Kalied Extremely Long Title 2wei 73! Whether it be someone walking in on her making out with her twin sister (Which is a pretty good reason to freak out) or her just being near her older brother, she's always a bunch of fun to watch. Also, magic.

5) Rika Jougasaki

Anime: The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls
CV: Nozomi Yamamoto

Even though she may not be as great as her older sister, Mika (Who came in at #3 on the Winter countdown), Rika is still absolutely adorable and is unintentionally the funniest of the Cinderella Girls. The way she looks up to her sister is so cute that I die whenever they are in the same room together (Which isn't nearly enough. Bring back Mika.). I'm still looking forward to her getting her own episode, I just hope it happens soon.

4) Akane Sakurada

Anime: Castle Town Dandelion
CV: Kana Hanazawa

Not going to lie here, the twin-tails really seal the deal on Akane being so high up on this countdown. It has nothing to do with her classy, well-coordinated outfits, or Kana Hanazawa, or underwear, or being royalty, or being embarrassed all time, or underwear. Okay, maybe it does have to do with those things, but either way, she is great. Being shy always earns bonus points in my book. Being shy for the entire duration of every episode, well, I'm going to run out of points to give out to her eventually.

3) Miku Maekawa

Anime: The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls
CV: Natsumi Takamori

Here is our beloved cat-idol, Miku-nyan. I'm going to be slightly unfair and factor in the earlier Winter-episodes of Cinderella Girls for Miku. Remember back when she was super-excited to get her CD debut? That was adorable right? I know. Well now, she's still JUST as adorable AND SHE HAS A CAT SWEATER. LOOK AT HER. AHHHHHH.

2) Kurumi Ebisuzawa

CV: Ari Ozawa

SCHOOL-LIVE gets ridiculous really quickly. And I'm not talking about the plot-twist at the end of the first episode. I'm talking about how this girl right here carries around a shovel literally 24/7. Never in my life have I been attracted to a girl that carries around a shovel everywhere, until now. Though, that may be due to the fact that not many girls carry around shovels. But if there's anything I have learned from Kurumi, it's that more should. Also, she has striped Hot-Topic gloves and black twintails, making her pretty much a 10/10.

Summer 2015 Champion: 1) Nao Tomori

Anime: Charlotte
CV: Ayane Sakura

If there is anything Na-Ga can do, it's design gorgeous characters. After all, he is responsible for designed the most-perfect girl of all time, Rin Natsume. And even though Nao is not Rin, she comes pretty close and is still amazing in her own way. Look at those eyes, dude. Can't you just stare into them for the rest of your life until you shrivel up and die and nothing matters anymore and your parent disown you and you forget to pay rent and all of your pets die and the world crumbles beneath your feet and everything you know ends. I know I can. This aspiring filmmaker who can become invisible at any time she wants (Yup) is easily the most beautiful character of the Summer 2015 season. She might even make it into my top 10 of all-time at this rate.

And there you have it, everyone. These are the absolute cutest girls from the past three months. Feel free to change your phone wallpapers, desktop backgrounds, etc.

- See you at the end of next season for my next "Top 10 Cutest Girls"

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