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Attack On Titan: Junior High Episode #4 Review

Practice sure is important, huh?

What They Say:
It's back-to-school for the cast of Attack on Titan as this spin-off gives us a glimpse into the average school year for each and every one of them. Instead of fearing for their lives, the characters are fearing for their lunches as the titans have a brand new appetite (One significantly less heartbreaking). Based on the manga, Attack on Titan: Junior High brings us familiar faces and memorable scenes in a lighthearted comedic format that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Will Eren and the others be able to survive the school year being right next door to a school for titans?

The Review:
Content: (Please note that the content portion of the review may contain spoilers)
Following the intense dodgeball match that ended last week's episode, it's time for the gang to tone it down a bit. And by tone it down, of course I mean keep the blood pumping with some intense window-cleaning and wall-scrubbing. It only gets worse when you find out that this is going to become an everyday thing now that the gang has joined the "Wall Cleanup Club." With great responsibility comes great power (Yeah, I know that's backwards) though, and as a reward for their intense cleaning of the school, Eren and company finally gets to start their 3D Maneuver Gear (Or whatever they call it) training. Shooting more references back to the original AoT when Eren was having trouble balancing the gear during basic training.

Just when Eren starts to lose hope, Hannes shows up and takes the gear from him, showing him how exhilarating it is to propel across the sky. That is, before he slams into the wall, taking Jean with him. Turns out that Eren wasn't able to properly balance because the maneuver gear was broken. Shocker! His instructor and club official, Rico (That white-haired glasses girl that we saw a little of in AoT), then totally covers up her negligence and makes it seem like Hannes is the reason the gear is broken. Ultimately, Eren is able to balance perfectly the next day, but can't seem to figure out why. Good job, Rico. That was smooth.

But as soon as things start to wind down, the titans arrive. However, this time they've brought paint -- and lots of it. That's right, instead of dedicating themselves to breaking the wall like they did in AoT Original, the titans now wreak havoc by graffiti tagging it and running away. At least this method is a lot more creative. Needless to say, Eren springs into action and attempts to stop the titans from tagging the wall, but once again fails miserably before crashing into a titanic paint brush. I'm kind of happy he did though, because this gave Mikasa another opportunity to act all cute and rush to his aid. I swear, this girl is so undeniably adorable that it hurts my brain.

Best/Favorite Part:
Though it was very brief, I thought it was absolutely hilarious and random when Sasha just faceplants into the ground out of nowhere and is all like, "OMG TITANS ARE COMING." That's not a direct quote, but it is a very accurate paraphrasing if I do say so myself. Which I do. Sasha has about one or two shining moments every episode, this was that moment this time and it packed a harder punch than everything else in this relatively slow episode.

In Summary:
There really isn't much to be impressed with in this episode. Or really much of anything for that matter. I can see it appealing to those niche fans of Rico just because she is adapted pretty well, but even then there really isn't much to it. I'm noticing a trend of "Really good episode followed by decent episode" that I hope is broken soon. I can deal without some of those decent episodes. But hey, they can't all be knee-slappers, right? All in all, its more of the same from episode #4. There's just less of it.

Grade: C

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