Monday, November 2, 2015

Attack On Titan: Junior High Episode #5 Review

A certain event was about to occur -- one that would affect everyone...

What They Say:
It's back-to-school for the cast of Attack on Titan as this spin-off gives us a glimpse into the average school year for each and every one of them. Instead of fearing for their lives, the characters are fearing for their lunches as the titans have a brand new appetite (One significantly less heartbreaking). Based on the manga, Attack on Titan: Junior High brings us familiar faces and memorable scenes in a lighthearted comedic format that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Will Eren and the others be able to survive the school year being right next door to a school for titans?

The Review:
Content: (Please note that the content portion of the review may contain spoilers)
The events contained in this week's episode are not for the faint of heart. The time has come for man to rise to the challenge and draw from any and all experiences in order to prevail. Survival is not guaranteed. What is guaranteed, however, is unavoidable failure and shattered hopes as comrades fall with nothing apart from despair and misery clinging on to them. That's right, it's time for the class to receive their standardized test results. The worst part of it all is that we can't even help them. We have to sit back and watch as our favorite characters fall victim to an evil beyond man's control. But maybe...just maybe...there is someone among them who can provide aid in a time of peril as earth-shaking as this. And maybe...just maybe...he is shrouded in a mysterious and inexplicable...blanket-hat thing.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that Sasha and Connie inevitably fail their tests and Armin volunteers to help them study. Man, that whole ominous intro paragraph is starting to seem like a bad idea now. Anyway, Sasha and Armin begin their studying so that Sasha won't wind up in remedial math classes. Connie initially agrees to come as well but that winds up not happening at all due to his absentmindedness. Regardless, Armin and Sasha embark on an academic voyage comparing X's and Y's in algebra to food to appeal to Sasha's interests. Which, in the end, still does not sound like a good idea since she winds up spending all of her test-taking time thinking up food combinations. As for Connie...well, he's still just out there doing Connie stuff.

All while this is happening, there is an entirely different issue at hand claiming the attention of absolutely everyone in Attack Junior High. Zoe Hange needs lunch money. And after countless failed attempts at procuring some yen from Levi, Zoe takes it into her own hands to go rampaging through the Scouting Club room. Thankfully, she is subdued by Eren and Jean, assuring safety for everyone. That is, until Zoe reveals that she has captured two titans (Sawney and Bean! Remember those guys?) and is keeping them captive in the closet. That also explains where all of her money has been going. You know what? Zoe is literally the same exact character in this as she is in the original Attack On Titan anime. There are absolutely no changes made to her at all. None. But honestly, it works out because it would be difficult to make her funnier than she already is in the first place. Actually, if anything, she's more ridiculous in the source material because she contrasts with nearly everyone else.

Best/Favorite Part:
In the beginning of the episode, while Sasha is freaking out about who is going to help her study, Bertolt Hoover walks up to her and offers to help, only to be completely ignored while she continues to question who is going to help her. Even after Armin walks over, no one acknowledges his presence. It was a hilarious take on his character and how unmemorable he was. Hell, I couldn't even remember his name and had to look it up. Eventually, he just walks away -- still unloved and unnoticed. Poor Bertolt.

In Summary:
As a whole, this is one of the funnier episodes of the series thus far. We have two interesting plot lines that are essentially tied in terms of entertainment and comedic value. Zoe and Sasha are the highlights of this episode and do a are probably the best choices in terms of carrying an episode through to the end. No matter what happens, they just don't stop being funny. Plus, more screen time for Zoe was definitely needed, seeing as we've barely caught a glimpse of her in Junior High up to this point. Episode #5 was a solid addition to this series on all fronts.

Grade: B+

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