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Attack On Titan: Junior High Episode #7 Review

How do you expect to fulfill your duty as scouts if you can't even do this?

What They Say:
It's back-to-school for the cast of Attack on Titan as this spin-off gives us a glimpse into the average school year for each and every one of them. Instead of fearing for their lives, the characters are fearing for their lunches as the titans have a brand new appetite (One significantly less heartbreaking). Based on the manga, Attack on Titan: Junior High brings us familiar faces and memorable scenes in a lighthearted comedic format that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Will Eren and the others be able to survive the school year being right next door to a school for titans?

The Review:
Content: (Please note that the content portion of the review may contain spoilers)
In Attack Junior High, there is a fine line that separates the first years from the upperclassmen. Whether it be their apparel, attitude, or...ability to clean, it seems like our beloved first-year students just can't catch a break. Up until this point, they've sort of just been cruising along. But when the upperclassmen start to band together and call out their kohai on all of their misconducts, things start to move a little less smoothly. And now they're even trying to make Sasha put on a longer skirt! The nerve!

Anyway, the only way for the freshmen to really strike back at their senpai is to beat them at the upcoming "Sports Day" event in which different teams (Based on their class-year) compete in a multitude of typical sporting events. The one big problem with this is that the second years have Petra and company, while the third years have Levi the cleaning god himself. After losing the first few events, Mikasa rallies her troops together and provides an intimidating motivational speech, stating that she is strong enough to take down all of the upperclassmen. Now, with Mikasa, in the forefront, our heroes must compete in some shoulder-mounted flag-grabbing game against everyone in the school.

I won't tell you how the final game ends -- I want you to see that for yourself. But I can tell you that the road there is, once again, paved with laughter and a few more season-highlights. INTENSE SPOILER ALERT INCOMING: Remember back in the original Attack on Titan where Franz gets chopped in half and Hannah runs up to him heartbroken and defeated? Well, there's a really quick (And I mean light-speed) call back to that during the final sporting event. It's so quick that you can't even see it, but Hannah calls out to Armin while the gang is sprinting that something has happened to Franz and, oh boy, I lost it. Great times, ladies and gentlemen, great times.

Best/Favorite Part:
If you have learned anything about me from following these reviews, it's that Annie Leonhardt is my favorite Attack on Titan character. Now, she may or may not be dressed as a cheerleader in this episode. And I may or may not have fallen more in love than I thought possible. As an added bonus, she has also paired up with Christa -- a combination I never even really thought of. It works, though. Annie is obviously super bashful and ashamed of herself in the cheerleading outfit while Christy is bubbly and supportive while trying to get Annie to be more energetic. It was adorable.

In Summary: 
Despite my favoritism directed toward episodes with school festivals, sporting events, and things of that nature, this was still a great episode all-around. There wasn't a single character that soaked up the spotlight longer than they should have. It came together in a well-balanced, yet frantically-paced (But in a good way) collage of comedy that once again tailors to viewers of the original series. Mikasa's motivational speech was another fantastic callback to be added to the constantly-growing list of AoT allusions that Junior High is bringing us.

Grade: A-

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