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Attack On Titan: Junior High Episode #8 Review

We're having...a test of courage!

What They Say:
It's back-to-school for the cast of Attack on Titan as this spin-off gives us a glimpse into the average school year for each and every one of them. Instead of fearing for their lives, the characters are fearing for their lunches as the titans have a brand new appetite (One significantly less heartbreaking). Based on the manga, Attack on Titan: Junior High brings us familiar faces and memorable scenes in a lighthearted comedic format that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Will Eren and the others be able to survive the school year being right next door to a school for titans?

The Review:
Content: (Please note that the content portion of the review may contain spoilers)
Remember back when I said I had a soft spot for school-event episodes like last week's Sports Day? Well, I forgot to mention tests of courage. And, of course, that's what Attack Junior High throws at us this week. I mean, with characters like Armin, Jean, and Sasha, how could you not make a haunted classroom episode? Now the only bump left in the road is for the upperclassmen to figure out a way to scare all the freshmen. Sure, a few of them are fragile cowards, but there's also Reiner and Mikasa. They wouldn't get scared, would they?

In the beginning of the episode, the class is split into two groups and told that in order to pass the tests, they must visit three separate classrooms in the correct order and write their names on the chalkboards there. Reiner's group takes off first but gets separated shortly after because of girls always having to go to the bathroom in pairs. Ymir and Sasha wind up spending the rest of the test looking for Christa while Reiner and Bertholdt get stuck ascending a set of stairs that never ends (Which is never explained). Mikasa's group, however, has been lucky enough to stay together and...oh, nevermind, there goes Eren. Eventually, both groups wind up rendezvousing at the gym where the final landmark is -- The Headless Dribbling Ghost. Hey, don't all of these ghosts look a lot like the upperclassmen?

In the end, the older kids reveal that it was them all along (Who knew?) and everyone gets a good laugh. Christa, on the other hand, is still a little confused after her solo-encounter with a girl dressed in white, who seems to be missing from the test of courage scheme. Even after hearing ghost stories about a girl who vanished during a mission years ago, it's a bit hard for her to comprehend that this girl wasn't actually real. Either way, everything is solved now and everyone is happy. It only took 55 gallons of tears to get the task done. And the winner of this episode's test of courage is Mikasa for, once again, remaining emotionless through the entire thing.

Best/Favorite Part:
There weren't really many moments in this episode that stood out amongst the rest, in my opinion. However, there was a running bit with Mikasa translating for Armin (Who could only muster enough courage to get out maybe one or two letters at a time) that progressively got funnier and funnier. There is even a time where Eren questions how she's capable of figuring out what Armin is trying to say. It was funny. Not super funny, but regular funny.

In Summary:
We get more of what we're used to in this week's episode. Several characters are left out that would have made a good addition to the task at hand, but the characters that are left in pull their weight and shape an enjoyable test of courage. However, being an episode as monumental as a test of courage episode, I would have liked something a bit more memorable. Either way, my attention was held through the whole duration and I'm pumped for next week's Annie x Bertholdt story.

Grade: B-

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