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Top 10 Cutest Anime Girls Of Winter 2016

Greetings, everyone! This year has gotten off to an exciting start with the addition of what seems like over nine-thousand new girls to love and adore. And, of course, what better way to really get the year started than to sort out the best of the best in my first "Top 10" of the year. For those of you that haven't read one of my "Cutest Girls" articles before, allow me to break it down and once again change the rules concerning how the girls are ranked.

In previous installments of this series, I have limited the amount of characters per show that can make it onto this list. This time, however, I don't care. I thought it would be wrong to discriminate against cuteness just because of other cuteness that would make things seem more varied. So, in theory, every single girl on this countdown could be from one series now. Will that happen? Absolutely not. But it COULD.

Anyway, I am ranking the girls based on not only their appearance but their personalities, voices, etc. Because of this, I obviously can not incorporate girls from series that I have not seen. So don't yell at me if I omit your favorite girl. Or do yell at me. I don't care.


10) Airi Katagiri

Anime: Erased
CV: Chinatsu Akasaki

Airi didn't really leave an impression on me until the second time you come across her in Erased. At first, my thoughts were, "Oh look, it's just another overly-friendly and suspiciously trustworthy girl". But quickly throughout the series, she starts to grow on you. As soon as it's evident that she's not just some random obliviously nice girl, she's actually pretty great. Plus, there's a certain degree of realism to her character that most of the other girls on this list don't possess. Good job, Airi. Good job.

9) Yuuka Kobayakawa

Anime: Girls Beyond The Wasteland
CV: Kana Hanazawa

I'm not normally into the overly-sporty type...But I AM into the childhood friend type so that totally cancels it out. Yuuka is one of the first characters you'll come across in Girls Beyond The Wasteland, and from that point on she will stick to you like glue. Being nothing but the rambunxious and incredibly loud girl for the first few episodes, her development is a bit slow to accelerate. But once it does, Yuuka spirals into this adorable, love-struck teen that is so desirable it hurts. Why do male characters in anime always have to be so dense? Bunta, just get with her already! UGH!

8) Izumi Reina

Anime: Myriad Colors Phantom World
CV: Saori Hayami

If you are one of those people that think there are cuter girls in Phantom World than Reina, then you are wrong. Sorry, that's just how it is. Reina is, in many ways, the actual embodiment of cute itself. She's actually so cute that she was able to make it in here instead of the red-haired and totally badass Minase Koito. And, I just want to remind you, badass girls with red hair nearly ALWAYS fight their way into my heart. Anyway, Izumi locked in a spot in this top 10 during the fourth episode of the series in which she grows rabbit ears and does cute rabbit-related things with her rabbit parents. Did someone say, "Cuteness overload?"

7) Mashiro Arisaka

Anime: AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across The Blue
CV: Nozomi Yamamoto

There was absolutely no way Mashiro was getting left off this countdown. Just look at her. She's almost perfect. And you know what makes her even more perfect? The fact that she is also kind of a lesbian maybe. It still leaves hope! Mashiro's family also runs an udon shop so if you date her you get free soup literally all the time and that is probably the best thing you can look for in a girl. And, I'm sure you've noticed by now, but she has purple eyes. Not enough girls have purple eyes! Needless to say, Mashiro quickly snuck her way into my heart and I'm totally cool with her just hugging it all day long.

6) Yume

Anime: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
CV: Mikako Komatsu

If there's anything out there that will attract me to a woman, it's archery. That's right. I'm attracted to archery. And even though Yume isn't really a genius when it comes to handling a bow, she's still one of the cutest girls I have seen in a while. She keeps her head up when things get tough, but it doesn't stop her from bottling up her feelings and having them eat away at her heart. Yume, I will heal your emotional wounds for you. I won't even charge you gold for it. Just give me your love. Please.

5) Aqua

CV: Sora Amamiya

Aqua is another girl I didn't expect to like nearly as much I do. She is also the only girl on this list that is also a god. You know what the pluses are for dating a god? Literally everything. Gods do whatever they want. That is until they get sucked into an alternate reality where no one really knows or cares what they actually are. But that just makes them cuter! Aqua struggles doing whatever she can for money just to survive. Hell, she even sleeps in a stable. And if you think that all of this would take a toll on her emotional state...well then you would be right. She's miserable. But it's just so adorable and you can't help but want to squeeze her! Also, you should be proud of me for doing this whole paragraph without mentioning her skirt.

4) Misaki Tobisawa

Anime: AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across The Blue
CV: Azumi Asakura

Misaki, much like her almost-lesbian counterpart and holder of the #7 position, Mashiro Arisaka, is a force to be reckoned with in terms of cuteness. The difference here, though, is that Misaki is currently battling a fit of depression in AOKANA. And if there is anything that makes me love a girl more than pure unadulterated cuteness, it's pure unadulterated cuteness with slight undertones of sadness and helplessness. Because now, instead of just loving the girl, I can love her AND help her. And with Misaki, I want to just hold her and tell her everything is okay. She also likes cats and I have three of those, so if she came over to my house she would have something to do. When is liking cats ever a bad thing?

3) Megumin

CV: Rie Takahashi

And so arrives the best girl in KONOSUBA. Megumin is an extremely powerful mage with a case of chuunibyou that only has one drawback -- after she uses her magic she can no longer walk and must be carried home. I'd be totally cool with doing that though because there is no way she's more than like 85lbs tops. She also wears an eyepatch sometimes. Not because it restricts her power or anything like that, it just looks cool. I mean, she's kind of right. Who doesn't like eyepatches? Megumin is the kind of girl that's sensitive about her size, boosting her cuteness up two or three notches. And I just noticed something -- is there even any reason for her to be wearing a belt? I highly doubt the bottom half of her robe is going to fall off. Anyway, if I was launched into the world of KONOSUBA, you can bet your ass that I would choose Megumin as my first partner. Any chance to carry her home is good enough for me.

2) Saya Endou

Anime: Dagashi Kashi
CV: Manami Numakura

Long hair, check. Cool earrings, check. Hair clip, check. Crazy eyes that stare deep into your soul but still possess a glimpse of love, check. Saya was one of my favorite girls of the season the second I laid eyes on her. Then, she became even better when you find out that she works in a coffee shop. Now, you guys only know me from this website, so there's no reason that you would understand or appreciate my love for coffee. But I assure you, that love is almost as strong, if not stronger, than my love for the girls on this list. Saya is absolutely one of the most adorable girls I have encountered for a number of reasons. But the biggest one (Apart from the whole coffee thing) would be that she acts, in no way, the way she looks like she would. Saya is a hopeless romantic that is so in love with the main character in Dagashi Kashi that it will crush your heart. WHY AM I NOT HIM? In fact, if Saya came out any other season, she would probably have no trouble taking the #1 spot. However, this season has a girl that is not only cuter, but much much more important.

Winter 2016 Champion: 1) Kayo Hinazuki

Anime: Erased
CV: Aoi Yuuki

Okay, okay, put your guns down. I need to clarify something before we get into why I chose a 10-year old as the cutest girl of the season. The fact of the matter is that Kayo is cute in a way that surpasses that of the other nine girls on this list. She isn't the kind of cute where my thought process is, "I want to marry you and love you forever". She is the type of girl that I (And so many others) feel the need to protect and shelter. Like a little sister. Kayo has gone through more in just the few years of her existence than most people will in a lifetime. So this isn't me saying that she's the most attractive girl of the season, but the most endearing and the most important. She's the only girl out there right now that you can really connect to and feel sorry for. And every week while I'm waiting for Thursday to roll around, I'm thinking about how much I want things to get better for this poor little girl. Kei Sanbe, the creator of the series, has created a character that can be idolized in way that is rarely done in anime and manga. For all of these reasons, I feel like it would be a crime to not label Kayo as the "Cutest" girl of the season. Every single one of us that has gotten to know her over the past two months truly, truly cares for her. That is something special.

And there you have it, everyone. The 10 cutest girls from the past three months. Feel free to change your desktops, wallpapers, etc.

See you again at the end of next season for another "Cutest Girls"

Feel free to read the rest of my stuff until then!

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