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Top 20 Cutest Anime Girls Of Summer 2016

What's up, party people? We've passed the halfway point for the season and you all know what that means -- it's time to once again rank which girl is best girl. For the first time in history, however, we're going to have a list of TWENTY girls. Honestly, this season just had too many waifus for me to water it down to a measly 'Top 10'. That being said, there is something you should know before we proceed.


Well, now that that's out in the open, let's begin. Shall we?

20) Ram

Anime: Re:Zero ~ Starting Life In Another World
CV: Rie Murakawa

THAT'S RIGHT. I WENT THERE. Listen, there are a plethora of reasons that make Ram the better sister in Re:Zero. The funny thing is, Rem knows it too. While Ram might not be as well-versed in everything as she was when she was a child, it's clear that her cuteness carried over and far surpasses that of her sister. Rem is basically a robot who's sole function is to unconditionally love Subaru while Ram, on the other hand, is the upgraded version with added tsundere capabilities. Plus her hair is pink and Rem's hair is blue. 

19) Kagari

Anime: Rewrite
CV: Kana Hanazawa

Initially, I had Lucia at this spot in the countdown. But following the sheer hilarity that Kagari was able to showcase when she finally had an episode to herself, she easily became my favorite girl from the series. Hell, I didn't even know Hanazawa was the one voiced her until I was putting together this article. Kagari, feel free to sneak into my room any night. I'm not some jerk that will put up paper charms to repel you. In fact, I'll even save some room for you in bed.

18) An Onoya

Anime: ReLIFE
CV: Reina Ueda

Even though An sort of lost some of her charm halfway through the series (When we find out that one thing about her), she still easily nabbed a spot in here. I'm not normally into the overly-bubbly, approachable girls in anime, but An's Kansai charm made her super lovable right off the bat. Oh, and she totally rocks the glasses. Like, just look at her. Who can do that? Arata should have hit that when he had the chance.

17) Mahiru Koizumi

Anime: Danganronpa 3 ~ The End of Hope's Peak High School
CV: Yuu Kobayashi

Mahiru is the first of several Danganronpa girls to make an appearance on this countdown, which is surprising because I really didn't care for her initially. But as the series has progressed, she's become more endearing and just all-around huggable. Maybe it's the freckles. I don't really know. The point is, Mahiru is totally girlfriend material and I'd love to like...go to a coffee shop or do whatever hipster photographer couples do with her.

16) Alice Nakiri

Anime: Food Wars! The Second Plate
CV: Chinatsu Akasaki

I've always liked Alice, but I've never really thought of her being a 'top girl of the season' for me. However, having more time in the spotlight in season two of Food Wars, she's definitely proven that she has what it takes to hang with the big girls. Plus, she could cook [weird] food for me and I'd never have to order pizza again. I mean, I still probably would, but I wouldn't have to. Oh, and look at those eyes. How can they appear so demonic, yet so damn adorable? Alice, you should totally ditch Kurokiba and let me stand next to you all the time instead of him. Please.

15) Alisha Diphda

Anime: Tales Of Zestiria The X
CV: Ai Kayano

Alisha definitely has a better fashion sense than most of the girls on this countdown. (Though someone else much further down has the best fashion sense). For a princess and the leader of a nation, she just seems so damn chill. Like, if we were going to hang out, she'd be the kind of girl that would say, "I'm cool with anything," and actually MEAN it. She also has really nice legs. Like, REALLY nice legs. Just look, yo. Aren't they great?

14) Kyouko Kirigiri

Anime: Danganronpa 3 ~ The End of Hope's Peak High School
CV: Yoko Hikasa

Even though Kirigiri has aged since we last saw her back in the original Danganronpa animation, she's definitely kept her charm. She's still insanely mysterious and straight-up wife material. Not many people can rock a legitimate suit the way she does. Maybe it's the whole purple eyes and hair combo that does it, or maybe she's just straight up beautiful. The fact of the matter is that, even with her little screen time in the new Danganronpa Future arc, she's still absolutely stunning.

13) Sonia Nevermind

Anime: Danganronpa 3 ~ The End of Hope's Peak High School
CV: Miho Arakawa

Jeez, these Danganronpa girls are really starting to dominate this countdown. Sonia is another girl who has had little screen time, yet still managed to break into here. From the get-go, she comes across as that "Accepting of everyone, model student type" but becomes a sort of comedic break somewhere down the line. Oh, and those thigh-highs. UGH. I totally get why that one dude with the pink hair is obsessed with her. She's a gosh darn princess, for crying out loud. #NeedMoreSonia

12) Taki Tsunozaki

Anime: Food Wars! The Second Plate
CV: Mikako Komatsu

Yeah, this is probably one that no one saw coming. But honestly, Taki might be my favorite girl in Food Wars as a whole now. The eye-bags, the adorable ribbon/scarf, the overly-long ponytail...she's got everything. Plus, she has the attitude to back it all up. Those moments where she lets her guard down and the food sends her into cute-mode just bump up her lovable factor more each and every time. I really hope that she becomes more of a recurring character. She's gorgeous.

11) Kou Yagami

Anime: New Game!
CV: Yoko Hikasa

So many blondes on this countdown, right? That's really weird for me, to be honest. But if there's anything better than an adorable girl who's extremely great at her job, it's an adorable girl who's extremely great at her job and is also in her underwear. UGH. I'd also like to have an honorable mention for Rin in here because when she and Kou are together, New Game's sexual tension gets boosted to all-time thighs. Uh, I mean highs. Yeah, all-time highs. Um, I'll be going now.

10) Ruby Kurosawa

Anime: Love Live! Sunshine!!
CV: Ai Furihata

Ayyy, here she is. No matter who you are, you have to give props to Ruby. I mean, just look at her. If Ruby's character designer was here right now, I'd shake his hand for creating one of the most adorable little bundles of love in the entire idol world. However, her overly-shy personality (While it might work wonders for some) actually counts against her for me seeing as it's just a tad bit over the top. Luckily, her affinity for her sister and her overall drive to become a school idol gives her enough points to land her a spot in the top ten. Here's to pooling up love gems for a Ruby UR.

9) Aoi Asahina

Anime: Danganronpa 3 ~ The End of Hope's Peak High School
CV: Chiwa Saito

Woah, since when did Asahina become such a bombshell? Time has definitely been on her side and the whole ageing thing has done nothing but work in her favor to accentuate her curv...I mean beauty. No, but really, Asahina has a straight up 20/10 body AND she could probably kick my ass if she wanted to. Oh, and now that she's traded in her stupid original haircut for a well-groomed ponytail and her tracksuit for a real suit, she's better than ever before. Marry me.

8) Chizuru Hishiro

Anime: ReLIFE
CV: Ai Kayano

The fact that a girl with zero personality was able to make it onto this countdown is definitely saying something about her cuteness level. Hishiro, whether you like it or not, is the comedic factor that keeps ReLIFE going each and every episode. And while she might have the worst smile in all of history (If you've watched the series, you'll know what I'm talking about), she makes up for it with the effort she puts in to be seen as a normal girl. Being a super genius and having adorable twintails only adds to her beauty-factor. Man, I miss ReLIFE.

7) Illyasviel Von Einzbern

Anime: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 3rei!!
CV: Mai Kadowaki

And here we have a returning character to the list of cute girls. As you may have seen in the past, Illya normally lands a spot on here whenever there is a new season of Fate/Kaleid Liner (Which is basically every other season at this point). This time around, though, I feel like she's cuter than ever. There's just something alluring about being sucked into a parallel universe and having no one there to comfort you. If only I was sucked into that universe as well...Oh, and she totally gets her iconic purple coat back in this series and, come on, we all love that coat.

6) Felt

Anime: Re:Zero ~ Starting Life In Another World
CV: Chinatsu Akasaki

Yo, Felt is adorable. You know it, I know it, we all know it. She's like a feisty little kitten that you still want to pet because, you know, kitten. The thing is, no one ever wants to label her as one of the best girls considering she's only been in like 25% of Re:Zero so far. Regardless, all the time she has spent on screen is easily some of the best the show has had to offer up to this point. While I definitely wouldn't elect her as the next ruler of Lugnica, I would easily elect her as the ruler of my heart.

5) Chiaki Nanami

Anime: Danganronpa 3 ~ The End of Hope's Peak High School
CV: Kana Hanazawa

Okay, final Danganronpa girl. I promise. Also, second Kana Hanazawa girl. Chiaki is straight up overwhelmingly cute. She even has a Galaga hairpin. What could be better than that? I think one of the things that makes Chiaki so desirable would have to be how her character is actually developing as the series goes on and, surprisingly, becoming cuter each episode. If this continues to happen, Chiaki might eventually become so cute that the world explodes. Wait...maybe that's what the whole "Inevitable despair event" thing is that everyone keeps talking about.

4) Rena Kariu

Anime: ReLIFE
CV: Haruka Tomatsu

From the moment I saw Kariu, I knew she'd be in the top five. I mean, personally, she caters exactly to my tastes. Like, to the T. In all honesty, I'd probably say that she's the most 'realistic' out of all the girls on this countdown. Seeing her painstaking struggle to confess and come to terms with her feelings as the series goes on was a truly intimate, unforgettable experience. When it finally becomes too much and explodes, the result is almost too adorable to miss. Even though the series isn't by any means about her, I'd consider her romantic subplot to be essential in shaping the true high school experience of ReLIFE. Honestly, the only thing counting against her is how mean she initially is to one of the other girls on this countdown.

3) Emilia

Anime: Re:Zero ~ Starting Life In Another World
CV: Rie Takahashi

Emilia-tan is best girl. Deal with it. She's the driving force that keeps Subaru going in Re:Zero. Want to know why? She's perfect. Don't give me any of that "Oh, she's so bland" nonsense. She's the only girl up until now that hasn't come across as one-dimensional and it feels like she actually has opinions of her own at times. From the moment we're introduced to Emilia, she's this picturesque image of complete and utter beauty that only becomes amplified once we're exposed to her kindhearted, affectionate personality. The fact that Rie Takahashi voices her also adds three-thousand points to her cuteness score because, honestly, Takahashi has one of the cutest voices in anime. Emilia also has more style than all of the other Re:Zero girls combined AND she's the daughter of a spirit thingy. You really just can't compete with her. Unless you're one of the next two girls.

2) You Watanabe

Anime: Love Live! Sunshine!!
CV: Shuka Saitou

Remember when I was talking about how someone later on in this countdown has the best fashion sense? Well, I was talking about You Watanabe. Not only is You the cutest girl in Love Live Sunshine, she's the cutest girl in the entire Love Live franchise. If you have a hat for every day of the week, you're the greatest. If half of those hats have your first name on it, I love you. Combine her flawless fashion with utterly breathtaking singing voice, and you have a perfect ten. And as if being the leader in vocals and style wasn't enough, You also beats all of the LL girls in personality. She's just such a good, realistic best friend that everything about her seems like it could parallel someone from real life. While Chika might be the leader of Aqours on paper, we all know You is the real driving force of the group. Unfortunately, she has to come in at second place overall due to the sheer, unavoidable perfection of this season's champion.

Summer 2016 Champion: 1) Yun Iijima

Anime: New Game!
CV: Ayumi Takeo

Oh man, where do I even begin? Yun is like the physical manifestation of the word 'cute' in every aspect. In fact, she's so cute that it's cringeworthy sometimes. I have never wanted to hug someone so hard in my life. Episode after episode of New Game, the fact that she is the undisputable champion of the season is literally forced in my face to the point where I can't even take it anymore. Yun is taking control over my life. Everything I know is Yun. Everything that matters in life is Yun. No, but really, though, this girl does not receive enough props. Hell, she's even a dedicated sister that's willing to spend what LITTLE time she has away from work treating her siblings to the movies. If Yun isn't wife material, I don't know what is. I will literally buy every piece of character merchandise pertaining to this character because the world must know that she is the ideal image of beauty. If you don't agree with this choice, you are blind.

There you have it, guys! Can't get any cuter than this. I will be reverting back to the good ol' 'Top 10' next season, so keep an eye out. Until then, feel free to browse the rest of the site or check me out on Twitter @DJNOSTYLE.

Oh, yeah, and sorry about Rem. Things will get better.

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  1. Yun is the greatest girl there is. I love her so much. She's my waifu. She saved my life. I've bought quite a few pieces of her merchandise. She's the cutest character of all time.