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Top 10 Cutest Anime Girls Of Fall 2016

Greetings and salutations, avid readers. Now that we've passed the halfway point of the season and given plenty of different heroines sufficient time to shine, it is time for us...well, me to rank them! As you can see, I've switched back to the Top 10 format because frankly, last season just had way too many cute girls. But can the girls from this season harness their respective cuteness and surpass those from last time around? Probably not! But let's do this thing anyway!

Girls will be judged based on appearance, personality, voice, and random other aspects of them that I see fit.

I also want to thank everyone for the very limited hate mail regarding the omission of Rem from last season.

Let us begin!

10) Hinata Kawamoto

Anime: March Comes In Like A Lion
CV: Kana Hanazawa

So, like always, Kana Hanazawa has found her way into my seasonal top ten. This time, however, she plays a someone exceedingly more innocent than last season's Kagari from Rewrite. Hinata isn't the type of cute where you're like, "Yo, I hope she gives me a love letter." But instead, she's the little sister type of cute where everything she does basically makes your heart melt into a puddle of weird organic mush on the floor. And while much of her appeal comes from Hanazawa's performance, she's adorable nonetheless and surprising addition to this season's roster.

9) Makoto Noro

Anime: Trickster
CV: Ibuki Kido

Makoto is a little...odd. And if you've watched Trickster, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't watched Trickster...well, honestly, don't bother. Anyway, if you've read any of my other countdowns you will know I'm a sucker for girls that rock pink and red. I'm also a sucker for thigh-highs. Well, as you can see, Makoto adheres to both of these tastes and, when you toss in the fact that she is a literal shut-in a super tech-geek, you've got yourself a contender for not just my heart but a plethora of sweaty otaku hearts out there. It's too bad that she's a part of such a mediocre anime. That might have hurt her score a little bit. Either way, I'd date her. We could, like, Skype call each other and stuff.

8) Aria Kurenaino

Anime: Occultic;Nine
CV: Miyuki Sawashiro

Okay, back to little sisters. Despite that adorable headband and cute little Santa coat, Aria's a complete psychopath. This, of course, makes her even more attractive. The fact that her obsession with her brother was so immense that, even after his passing, she kept his body in her house...well, I mean, how can you not be turned on by that?...No? Is it really just me? Anyway, Aria's sections in Occultic;Nine are definitely some of the more interesting ones -- and it wouldn't be that way if she weren't such a great character. And while she didn't lock in the best position on this countdown for Occultic;Nine (Insert drumroll), she's got a tight hold on second place.

7) Koto Katakura

Anime: Girlish Number
CV: Yui Ishikawa

Ahh, Girlish Number -- Yet another anime about anime. Koto Katakura is a bit older than that of the average on most of my countdowns, coming in at a still-young 26. It isn't often that a girl older than me earns my love, but when you've got cute Kansai accent and great fashion sense, that doesn't really matter, now does it? Not only do these attributes land her at a decent rank, but look at her hair. What kind of shampoo do you guys think she uses? Aussie? I do have a question about Katakura, though...Why is she wearing three hoodies? It's brave wardrobe choices like this that make me fall for girls...You heard it here first.

6) Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt

Anime: Izetta (The Last Witch)
CV: Saori Hayami

And the award for longest name on the countdown goes to...yeah. So, Princess Ortfiné (Or just Finé for short) is just as badass as she is utterly adorable. Being the figurehead of the principality of Eylstadt's army, Finé is no stranger to harsh circumstances. But even though she is locked in a losing battle, she never gives up hope. OH, and she is probably the only person in the world who can wear a fedora and not look like an idiot. I'm really never the kind of guy that goes for the princess-type, but Finé is different. Instead of being a typical princess, she's like this tomboyish, queenlike crossbreed that gets cuter and cuter as the series goes on. Also, I love Saori Hayami. That is all.

5) Miyuu Aikawa

Anime: Occultic;Nine
CV: Hitomi Yoshida

(Drumroll from earlier ends). If there's anything that says, "I make a great girlfriend," it's being able to tell the future. Okay, maybe not really, but that's not a bad quality to have. Miyuu (Or Myu if we're going by Internet aliases) isn't really as bizarre as her outfit makes her seem. In fact, she's pretty darn normal apart from her freakishly long hair. But it's these average girl qualities and above-average looks that make her so down-to-earth that it's hard to look past her. She's just flat out cool, there's no other way to put it. Being cool scores attractive-points. We all went to high school -- we know that by now.

4) Chitose Karasuma

Anime: Girlish Number
CV: Sayaka Senbongi

So here we are at the Final Four, where Chitose Karasuma makes her debut as a still-untalented seiyuu with an ego the size of the Empire State building. However, that ego is exactly what landed her so high up in this ranking. Chitose is not only the most sarcastic and oblivious protagonist this season, she's the funniest. And even though she isn't necessarily trying to be funny when she thinks she's the greatest thing since sliced bread, it's still a complete joy to watch. Mix that in with, you guessed it, pink hair and you have a fiery bundle of cuteness that you'll want to stuff inside of your pocket for three hours before remembering that the bundle is actually a total bitch and must be thrown into the nearest trash can. In a good way.

3) Izetta

Anime: Izetta (The Last Witch)
CV: Himika Akaneya

"Wow, this guy really does like red hair". You're damn right I do. But don't worry, Izetta here is the last girl on the countdown with that hair color. Being the counterpart and best friend of Finé from earlier on in the countdown, Izetta manages to bust her way in here during the latter stages of her aptly-named anime series. And while she isn't as headstrong and direct as Finé, she can 'effing fly. Think about the places you'd be able to go together! Apart from the whole magic thing, I'd probably go as far as saying that Izetta is the most physically attractive girl of the season. But cuteness isn't skin-deep, guys. And while Izetta's personality doesn't necessarily work against her, the next two girls really had her beat in that aspect. It's okay, Izetta. We still love you.

2) Momoka Sonou

Anime: Girlish Number
CV: Eri Suzuki

You know, I was almost 100% certain that Chitose was going to be my favorite heroine in Girlish Number after the first couple episodes. But honestly, Momoka is just perfect. And even though she also has an incredibly large ego, she's at least polite about it -- something Chitose can't even fathom. Momoka, being an established seiyuu at such a young age, still has her own inner struggles in living in her mother's shadow. And even though the wait of said shadow gets her down at times, she still puts on an energetic and composed front at all times, making her an ideal choice for the runner-up of this season's countdown. Also, twintails.

Fall 2016 Champion: 1) Kumiko Oumae

Anime: Sound! Euphonium Season 2
CV: Tomoyo Kurosawa

This is something I never saw coming. In fact, back during the first season of Sound Euphonium, I didn't even put Kumiko in the countdown -- it was Asuka that represented the series. But now that Kumiko's character has developed and she's given various hints at her borderline yuri outlook on Reina, Kumiko has surpassed all expectations in the field of cuteness. Apart from just that, though, she's so damn chill. Normally, you'll look at anime character and they'll know, animated. Kumiko, however, wears her head on her shoulders at all times and isn't just doing so in order to get by. She feels like an actual character with actual opinions on things instead of just a copy/paste Kyo-Ani heroine. The fact that she's held her ground and worked so hard at improving herself [easily] makes her not only the cutest girl of the season but the best girl of the season.

And there you have it, guys! These are your ten cutest girls of the Fall 2016 season. I'm sorry to anyone that had their favorite heroine omitted this time around, but maybe next time they'll wind up making it in! I mean, they probably won't, but there's still hope! Never give up. Believe in the me that believes in you!

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