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Top 20 Cutest Anime Girls Of Spring 2017

It's that time again!

Now that we've passed the halfway point of Spring 2017, I think it's safe to say we've been exposed to a pretty decent amount of adorable waifu material. In fact, this season's count was actually the highest I've ever encountered -- coming in at a whopping 27 girls I needed to fit into a top ten. Of course, that isn't how numbers work so I had to knock off seven of them and limit this to a top 20 this time around because a top 27 would just be weird.

As always, this is my warning that your waifu may not be number one. In fact, she might not even be on here. But if she has been completely omitted from this collection of 20 adorable girls, you probably just have terrible taste. Either that or I just didn't watch the series she was in, but that's less probable considering I've managed to keep up with 17 shows this spring.

Girls are judged not only on their physical appearance but their personality, voice, and whatever else it is that makes us fall in love. I hope you enjoy!

Now, let's get this show on the road.

20) Rumia Tingel

Anime: Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor
CV: Yume Miyamoto

I'm not normally into the Rumia-type girls but there's something about her that really reels me in. (Totally not the uniform. Okay, maybe the uniform). Starting off as dependable and determined, Rumia's character goes through a hefty amount of development early on when we find out she's actually [REDACTED]. Even with that, though, she's exponentially more lovable than I would have imagined going into this, but not lovable enough to crack the top 20.

19) Maki Midorikawa

Anime: Sakura Quest
CV: Chika Anzai

Maki is the only girl in this countdown willing to put on a Chupacabra suit. As if that wasn't enough to land her in this countdown, she's also a [semi] famous TV actress who excels at just about everything under the sun. Combine that with how she's easily the most reliable heroine in Sakura Quest and you have the makings of a solid character. Plus, she'd probably be way cool to hang out with and I bet she has a hefty Criterion DVD collection.

18) Miou Suguri

Anime: Anonymous Noise
CV: Ayahi Takagaki

Ahh yes, Miou -- the only likeable female character in Anonymous Noise. I love rooting for the underdog. And considering Miou essentially gets tossed into the trash in the first two episodes of this series, there is no bigger underdog than her. She may act tough at times but it's easy to see just how sensitive and temperamental she is when all of that is put aside. Oh, and I'm also a huge fan of that whole heavy eyeliner thing she's got going. You keep doing you, Miou.

17) Guri

Anime: Love Tyrant
CV: Yoshino Aoyama

Guri, who wins the honorary 'Best Dressed' award (An award I made up exclusively for the first time ever in this countdown) is one of those love-or-hate kinds of characters. Of course, I'm not a moron, so I love Guri. When she isn't dressed as a crawfish or anything else ridiculous like that, she can have moments that are actually super adorable in the grand scale of things. That whole 'not understanding love' trope absolutely adds to her score as well. Oh, and did I mention she is the daughter of God? Think of how easy you would have it if you dated her. Free ticket to heaven, y'all.

16) Zero

Anime: Grimoire Of Zero
CV: Yumiri Hanamori

Zero (No cat ears included despite this picture) is another one of those characters that starts growing on you very early on. Sheltered from the world and left in an orphanage to hone her magic, Zero doesn't exactly understand how society works. So when you take her away from that cave and bring her around actual people, things only get more adorable. My only problem is that I don't think she would ever fall in love with me because I'm not covered in fur.

15) Celestia Yupitilia

Anime: Re:Creators
CV: Mikako Komatsu

Celestia (Who can also be known as the knock-off Asuna Yuuki) is hard to overlook. Yeah, she's a bit of a Mary-Sue, but look at those eyes. I think another thing that makes Celestia so likeable is that she's an actual anime character trying to adapt with non-anime life. Though her personality is a bit cut-and-paste, her looks and mannerisms absolutely make up for it. The only girl in Re:Creators who may be able to compete with her in terms of cuteness is that girl with crazy teeth (Who did not make it on to this countdown considering she only just made her first appearance).

14) Sasha Blouse

Anime: Attack On Titan Season 2
CV: Yuu Kobayashi

While some people may be upset at finding potato girl so high up on this list, it's hard for me to place her in a better slot due to how little screen time she has. Even with almost an entire episode dedicated to her this season, Sasha still doesn't have the airtime she deserves. That being said, every time she's around, she steals the scene and I would gladly have her over for dinner any night of the week.

13) Megumi Jinno

Anime: Eromanga Sensei
CV: Ibuki Kido

If we were going only by looks, I probably would have placed Megumi(n) at number one. Tailoring directly to my weeb tastes, Megumi is nothing short of the cutest darn thing to touch this anime season. There is just one problem. She scares me. Girls as cute as her aren't supposed to be so...forward! Would she even be loyal? Would she break my heart? She totally would, wouldn't she? Regardless, if she toned it down just a bit she wouldn't have fallen victim to this next character from the same series.

12) Elf Yamada

Anime: Eromanga Sensei
CV: Minami Takahashi

I'm going to be honest -- I didn't expect this at all. I normally despise the Hime-Sama/drill-sporting girls more than anything. But I think the thing with Elf is that she's actually a walking parody of those girls. You're never meant to take her seriously. And every time she's on the screen, I catch myself pretending to not like her. However, I have finally come to terms with just how adorable she is and I want to protect her from all of the evil in this dark, depressing world.

11) Sistine Fibel

Anime: Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor
CV: Akane Fujita

Just barely missing a spot in the top ten, Sistine still wins the award of 'Best Girl' in Akashic Records. For those of you that don't know yet, the tsundere archetype is very near and dear to me, and Sistine plays that card to a T. While I don't necessarily understand her affinity for cat ears, I'm all about it this time around and would gladly take her on a date that culminates in me being punched into the sun -- because that's what girls like her do. They punch bakas into the sun.

10) Tiona Hiryute

Anime: DanMachi: Sword Of Oratoria
CV: Rie Murakawa

I've loved Tiona ever since her cameo back in the original DanMachi. But considering her role back then was so small, I couldn't really make up an excuse to fit her into the ranking. This time, however, that all changes. Now that Tiona has secured a major role in Sword of Oratoria, I can finally profess to the world that flat is justice and that she trumps her sister in every way possible. Deal with it. (Puts on sunglasses).

9) Yua Nakajima

Anime: Hinako Note
CV: Marika Kouno

Hinako Note is an example of one of those shows where I pick my favorite girl before the series even begins because I know none of them are going to have any development regardless. Yua is just another means of showcasing my excellent judge of character seeing as she is still my favorite past the halfway mark. Either way, she's yet another adorable tsundere girl who caters to my yuri affinity tenfold in a completely non-yuri series. Also, that hair ornament is adorable. Come on.

8) Katalina Alize

Anime: Granblue Fantasy
CV: Miyuki Sawashiro

Okay, Katalina is a total babe. I don't care what anyone says. In fact, there isn't even any other way I can think of describing her. Actually, I lied. There is. Not only is Katalina gorgeous and unquestionably high-class, her cute (albeit rare) mannerisms and the way she looks out of the rest of her team really make her the lovable character she is. Katalina would easily make the best wife on this countdown, there is no doubt about that.

7) Utaha Kasumigaoka

Anime: Saekano Season 2
CV: Ai Kayano

You know, ranking the girls of Saekano is frustrating. My opinion of them seems to change every week. Unfortunately for Kasumigaoka, this countdown wasn't published last month. Easily the smartest and most cynical girl of the bunch, Utaha is that kind of popular yet remarkably beautiful girl we all yearned for in high school. The idea of her always being so out of reach is what makes her even more attractive. Thankfully, almost half of this season has been spent on her and it has shined some light on parts of her we haven't noticed before. Either way, she is a great character and it really sucks that she isn't as cute as this next girl.she came in behind this next girl.

6) Eriri Spencer Sawamura

Anime: Saekano Season 2
CV: Saori Oonishi

Previously a Top 5 pick back in my Winter 2015 countdown, Eriri has managed to maintain the status of the ultimate tsundere years later. Despite having less time in the spotlight this time around, Eriri remains as feisty as ever while her desire to be with Tomoya begins to consume her. Not only does she have the tsun trope down, she nails being the childhood friend as well. Eriri is too well-rounded to overlook, but her lack of change in the last two years was not enough to land her in the Top 5 this time.

5) Sagiri Izumi

Anime: Eromanga Sensei
CV: Akane Fujita

If I had to take a guess, I would have imagined that Sagiri would be the anime fandom's choice for best-girl of the season. I mean, who doesn't love little sisters? With an entire series pretty much centered around her, Sagiri has way too much time on her hands to flaunt her cuteness while still proving to be the shy little anime-sister we have always wanted. Oh, and she draws porn. So there's that too. Bonus points for the dancing.

4) Yoshino Koharu

Anime: Sakura Quest
CV: Ayaka Nanase

Yoshino is this season's Aoi Miyamori and I love me some Aoi Miyamori. Considering she was born from the same studio that brought us Shirobako, I would say that this similarity isn't exactly on accident (Especially considering Sakura Quest follows the same pattern Shirobako did). At the end of the day, Yoshino is just another girl trying to find her place in the world. She has a ton of quirks that add to her cuteness but, just like with Aoi, her determination is really what does it. Oh, and that hair. You guys know I love pink/red hair.

3) Akane Mizuno

Anime: Tsukigakirei
CV: Konomi Kohara

The upper-hand that Akane Mizuno has over the rest of these girls is how realistic she is. Tsukigakirei is an incredibly accurate middle school love story and that just wouldn't be complete without a shy young girl coming to terms with her feelings. If there is anything more adorable than a girl in love it's a girl that doesn't know she's in love, and Akane hits that mark flawlessly. (I wish I could put the entire series in a spot on this countdown but TV shows are genderless.)

2) Megumi Katou

Anime: Saekano Season 2
CV: Kiyono Yasuno

If you had told me at the beginning of season one that Katou would one day be my favorite, I would have laughed in your face. And, who knows? Maybe she won't be my favorite anymore by the time this season ends. But as of right now, Katou's subtle...Katou-ness is what makes her the funniest, most enjoyable character in Saekano. In fact, even she knows she's the best. You can just tell from how much she makes fun of the other girls. While Katou isn't as animated as Eriri or Utaha, she is definitely just as interesting. And her surprisingly distinct fashion sense adds to her cuteness factor in more ways than I could imagine.

Spring 2017 Champion: 1) Ctholly Nota Seniorious

Anime: WorldEnd
CV: Azusa Tadokoro

Ctholly is love. Ctholly is life. Even though she isn't human, this little bundle of hormones right here is the most precious creature to emerge from this anime season. Being yet another girl struggling to come to terms with her feelings (Seems to be a recurring theme this countdown), Ctholly gains a grip on reality early on and decides to follow her heart. Seeing firsthand just how in love she falls with Willem is what shapes WorldEnd into the beautiful show it has become. That, meshed with the fact that she's essentially a ticking time-bomb, winds up creating a feeling reminiscent of Plastic Memories but with added fantasy and an adorable girl that trumps everyone else from the last three months.

And there you have it, everyone. The 20 cutest girls from the past few months. Now, go ahead and change your desktops, wallpapers, etc. You know the drill.

See you again at the end of next season for another "Cutest Girls"

Feel free to browse the rest of The Fandom Post until then!

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