Saturday, July 22, 2017

NTR: Netsuzou Trap Episode #03 Anime Review

I'm sorry for being such a bad daughter.

What They Say:
Yuma, a high school second-year, is enjoying every day now that she has her first boyfriend. After she asks for relationship advice from Hotaru, her beautiful long-time friend who has had many boyfriends, Hotaru teases her for her inexperience and playfully does things to her that even her boyfriend doesn't do. Yuma and Hotaru's secret relationship continues to escalate, and Yuma finds herself unable to deny how it makes her feel. This school drama tells the story of the interwoven lives of these two girls with boyfriends.

The Review:
Content: (Please note that the content portion of the review may contain spoilers)
Hotaru and Yuma are having one hell of a vacation. Just last week, they were having the time of their lives making out on a Ferris wheel. This week, they get to make out at a ski resort. Putting aside how suspiciously rich this group of high schoolers is, this trip is yet another opportunity for Hotaru to push Yuma's buttons both literally and figuratively. Luckily for everyone (Except Takeda), this resort comes fully equipped with a state of the art bathhouse and, assuming you can deal with the obligatory light rays, this is the most fanservice-packed episode thus far. Yeah it's only out of three episodes, but you get the point.

Early on in the episode, Hotaru hints that Yuma should probably try losing her virginity to Takeda sometime in the next few nights. After all, they'll finally get to be alone together. And while this may just be a farce used to fluster her best friend, Hotaru keeps beating it into Yuma to the point where she faints. Well, the whole being nearly-raped by her best friend was definitely a contributing factor to the whole fainting thing, but the Takeda situation definitely didn't help. At the end of the day, Yuma runs away from her innocent boyfriend yet again. The next day, however, is a bit more...exciting.

While Yuma and Hotaru are off practicing snowboarding on their own, Hotaru gets aggressive yet again and locks tongues with Yuma in the middle of the resort, albeit in front of no one. Well, no one except Fujiwara who just so happened to be passing by. So now, the cat is out of the bag and 75% of our main characters now know what's really going on with Hotaru and Yuma and, once again, poor Takeda is left on his own. Fujiwara, on the other hand, decides to use this newly discovered secret to his advantage.

In Summary:
It's more of the same from NTR as our two female protagonists continue to supply a hefty dose of yuri fanservice throughout the duration of this short form series. And while the relationship between Yuma and Hotaru remains exactly the same, Fujiwara finally catching on sparks a much-needed conflict that will hopefully propel the series down a significantly less-boring path. NTR's main problem thus far has been its lack of diversity- and while this hasn't been quelled in this week's episode, the coming weeks may deliver some of the actual story that we've been hoping for.

Grade: C+

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