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NTR: Netsuzou Trap Episode #06 Anime Review

Did you think I was going to kiss you?

What They Say:
Yuma, a high school second-year, is enjoying every day now that she has her first boyfriend. After she asks for relationship advice from Hotaru, her beautiful long-time friend who has had many boyfriends, Hotaru teases her for her inexperience and playfully does things to her that even her boyfriend doesn't do. Yuma and Hotaru's secret relationship continues to escalate, and Yuma finds herself unable to deny how it makes her feel. This school drama tells the story of the interwoven lives of these two girls with boyfriends.

The Review:
Content: (Please note that the content portion of the review may contain spoilers)
Last week, we finally got to see NTR's first attempt at being an actual series. Now that Fujiwara has been tossed into the fray, giving the show a much-needed centralized conflict, things are beginning to spiral a bit out of control. It's seeming less possible every episode that Takeda and Yuma will wind up together (Though, I doubt anyone imagined they would from the start) but as NTR progresses, even the idea of Yuma and Hotaru ending up together seems a bit off. In fact, I imagine everyone by the end of this series winds up sexually dissatisfied. 

By now, Yuma's outlook on everything is a mess. She's clearly into both Hotaru and Takeda, but Takeda won't even look at her and Hotaru is essentially just a sex toy that has legs and talks. And, after an extremely brief flashback to the origin of their friendship, it's clear that Hotaru has been a bit of a strumpet for pretty much forever. And, in other news, I'm glad I finally got to use the word 'strumpet' in a sentence. Regardless of the secondary protagonist's outlook on sex, NTR continues to rely heavily on its cuckhold-ish themes while also figuring out new and unique ways to make them incredibly boring.

In terms of content, I suppose this episode does offer a bit more than the others. But considering that we've gotten halfway through the series and the most dramatic part thus far has been a dude saying, "How about a threesome?" only to say, "Nahh, just kidding" half a scene later, I wouldn't say that's anything to celebrate. Episode six finishes exactly where it started but with both girls wearing significantly less clothing than they were the week before.

This sentence is reserved to complain about yet another error in continuity during the "sexy time" scene where Hotaru's lights develop a mind of their own and turn themselves off -- presumably to avoid getting any further into this mess of an anime.

In Summary:
Yet again, NTR drops the ball in its incessant attempts to force drama and trick us into believing that something is actually happening. Halfway through the series, the only character who has developed even slightly has been Takeda- who, despite having less screen time than anyone, seems to be the only character with any bit of common sense. As for everyone else, maybe they'll finally have a threesome or something next week. Though, it's probably safe to assume they won't considering that might advance the conflict to the level directly above non-existent.

Grade: C

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