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NTR: Netsuzou Trap Episode #07 Anime Review

A lie should be hidden within something that's 90% true.

What They Say:
Yuma, a high school second-year, is enjoying every day now that she has her first boyfriend. After she asks for relationship advice from Hotaru, her beautiful long-time friend who has had many boyfriends, Hotaru teases her for her inexperience and playfully does things to her that even her boyfriend doesn't do. Yuma and Hotaru's secret relationship continues to escalate, and Yuma finds herself unable to deny how it makes her feel. This school drama tells the story of the interwoven lives of these two girls with boyfriends.

The Review:
Content: (Please note that the content portion of the review may contain spoilers)
It's become a bit of a habit for NTR to end each episode on a cliffhanger only to reveal that said cliff is actually a stepping stool. At the end of last week's installment, we had a repeat of the whole "Oh no, Fujiwara is going to do something about our secret relationship!" issue and, just like last time, the entire problem screeches to halt as soon as it arises. Honestly, it's gotten to the point where I'm pooling for Fujiwara to get his threesome simply to spark up at least a slight hint of story in this otherwise worthless drivel. We are now more than halfway through this series and we have yet to have an actual conflict last longer than the week-long gap between its episodes. Every time a new (Yet strikingly similar) situation shows up with potential to de-rail the series, it's essentially-ignored and we're pushed back to the fanservice. But now that it's been three weeks since we've even had any good fan service, what exactly has NTR been using its time on?

As much as I'd like to answer that question, I sadly can not- for NTR has not used even a moment of the last three weeks to further anyone or anything. Hell, the big twist at the end of this episode was that Hotaru works at a maid cafe now. But even with this incredibly shocking turn of events (Zzzzz...) the series remains at a standstill. And now that Yuma and Takeda are talking again, we are literally back to square-one. Hotaru has decided to cease her advances, presumably for one or two more episodes at most, before Yuma is reeled back in and pushed further toward an unavoidable lesbian relationship with her best friend. Meanwhile, Fujiwara will continue to be a character that only exists to force cliffhanger endings and Takeda will continue to be a cuckold. Everyone is happy- everyone except us, that is.

In Summary:
Instead of watching episode seven, you might want to try watching the first episode again. They both leave off at the exact same point but in the first episode, you at least get to see some girls make out.

Grade: D-

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