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Top 10 Cutest Anime Girls Of Summer 2017

It's that time again!

Now that Summer has passed its third quarter, I think it's safe to say we've been exposed to a pretty decent amount of adorable waifu material. That being said, can we truly call ourselves otaku without ranking them in terms of their respective adorableness?...Probably. But is that going to stop me? Pfft, not a chance.

As always, here is my warning that your waifu may not be number one. In fact, she might not even be on this list. But on the off-chance that she has been completely omitted from this collection, you probably just have terrible taste. Either that or I just didn't watch the series she was in, but that's even less probable because I have no life whatsoever.

Girls are judged not only on their physical appearance but their personality, voice, and whatever else it is that makes us fall in love. I hope you enjoy!

Now, let's get this show on the road.

10) Shunma Suruga

Anime: Re:Creators
CV: Minako Kotobuki

If anyone on this countdown is a dark horse, its Suruga. Considering the word 'cute' wouldn't typically be associated with a girl as badass as her, it's definitely impressive that she's managed to finagle her way into this list (And also my heart). Despite having minimal screen time alongside characters like Meteora (Who is not on this list- I am sorry), Suruga manages to leave a lasting impression on viewers through her lone-wolf tendencies and seemingly twisted outlook on both life and publication. Oh, and she's hot as hell. I mean, come on.

9) Yuki Minagawa

Anime: Tsurezure Children
CV: Kana Hanazawa

Everyone who watches Tsurezure Children loves Yuki. I mean, just look at her. With arguably the best segment in the series' pilot, Yuki takes an early set as a prospective best-girl for what I'd call the best short-form series of the season. Her overly-playful and overly-cutesy mannerisms and way of speaking go on to create some of the most memorable moments in the entire show. The always-lovable Kana Hanazawa only adds to her overwhelming adorableness.

8) Karen Tendou

Anime: Gamers!
CV: Hisako Kanemoto

I'm sure that I'm not the only one turned on by how much of a stalker Karen is. The popular girl falling for the unpopular guy is an incredibly overused trope in anime, but it isn't often that the female deserves a literal restraining order. Karen, on the other hand, is the type of girl that would break into your house and steal your clothes if you dumped her. If this weren't a romantic comedy, she'd be a flat-out yandere. But considering Gamers! highlights the comedic undertones of young love, Karen will remain both an ojou-sama heroine as well as a box full of comedic relief.

7) Sumire Souma

Anime: Sagrada Reset
CV: Aoi Yuuki

Another unexpected addition to this list comes in the form of Sumire Souma, a character who was barely present in the first half of Sagrada Reset. When she returns to the series in its second cours, she brings along with her some of the heaviest hitting plot devices the sci-fi drama has seen thus far. There is one episode in particular where she lets her true feelings out for the first time and it winds up becoming what I consider one of the heaviest moments of the season. That, combined with the whispy voice of Aoi Yuuki and several exceedingly intelligent monologues creates a girl who would, under normal circumstances, break her way into the top five.

6) Yoshino Koharu

Anime: Sakura Quest
CV: Ayaka Nanase

Yoshino, who also appeared in last season's countdown at number four, has managed to maintain her endearing characteristics in Sakura Quest's second half. With a short arc centered around her relocation to her hometown and a sort of journey to find herself, Yoshino returns to Manoyama cuter than ever and even more determined to make a difference. Even though she sits at number six this time around, I'd still go as far as calling her the best-dressed girl in the entire list. And, thanks to PA Works being a studio essentially centered around attractive female characters, we get to see her in a plethora of trendy outfits that only add to her modernistic beauty.

5) Maki Midorikawa

Anime: Sakura Quest
CV: Chika Anzai

Perhaps the most impressive addition to this countdown comes in the form of Maki Mirdorikawa, who sat in 19th place last season. However, with a hefty amount of screen time set aside to embellish her past and the rebellious attitude that goes along with it, Maki has become a much more dynamic and interesting girl. A big part of Sakura Quest's allure is how its protagonists go through immense changes in terms of their outlooks. Maki is no exception to this at all. One more thing to note is that she has really nice hair and would probably be the best girl out of all of these to introduce to your friends at a party or something.

4) Kana Iijima

Anime: Tsurezure Children
CV: Akari Kito

I fell in love with Kana the second her segment showed up on Tsurezure children. Not only is she absolutely adorable in terms of physical appearance, but she's friggin' hilarious. Kana seems like the type of girlfriend who would be unconditionally loyal to you no matter what. And with how determined she is to take her relationship to the next level, you can tell just how much love she has to give. Personally, I'd appreciate it if some of that love could be redirected to me- but seeing just how happy she is with her current situation makes that quite doubtful, to say the least.

3) Misaki Takasaki

Anime: Love And Lies
CV: Kana Hanazawa

Misaki Takasaki is the upgraded, dere-dere version of Hanabi Yasuraoka from Scum's Wish. Much like Hanabi, she's an underdog. It's clear that she's head over heels for Yukari, but the fact that their love is destined to fail from the pilot ignites a spark within her that, over time, begins to inflame. While Misaki isn't necessarily as physically attractive as the other girls on this countdown (Of, course, that's a direct result of my own taste), her personality and outlook shine brighter than the rest combined. On one final note, she probably has the prettiest eyes ever. Look at them.

2) Yun Iijima

Anime: New Game!!
CV: Ayumi Takeo

It's not secret that Yun Iijima is my favorite character in New Game! In fact, she took home the crown for best-girl back in Summer of last year. And while this may be a slight fall from grace for the Kansai cutie, Yun remains one of the most adorable and endearing characters in all of anime. Even with her immense self-consciousness, Yun carries herself as an elegant young girl who still has time to look after her brother and sister. Even though her screen time has been cut down this time around, she's just as precious as she used to be- only being eclipsed by one girl in this beauty-filled Summer.

Summer 2017 Champion: 1) Ririna Sanada

Anime: Love And Lies
CV: Yui Makino

Let's get one thing straight -- I don't want Ririna to win. I ship Misaki x Yukari harder than you can imagine. But that doesn't change the fact that Ririna Sanada is the physical manifestation of 'cute'. From the way she speaks to the way she acts, from her sheltered life at home to her desolate life at school, Ririna is so gorgeous that it's almost cringeworthy. Mix that with how inclined she is to impress Yukari and how incapable she is of understanding her own feelings and you have a girl that was destined to top this countdown from the get-go. She is the perfect blend of elegant and endearing, and for the above-mentioned reasons, she is truly this season's best-girl.

And there you have it, everyone. The 10 cutest girls from the past few months. Now, go ahead and change your desktops, wallpapers, etc. You know the drill.

See you again at the end of next season for another "Cutest Girls"

Feel free to browse the rest of The Fandom Post until then!

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