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Top 10 Cutest Anime Girls Of Winter 2018

Oh man. Here we are again.

Before we really dive into this, there are two things I want to apologize for.
First, I'm sorry for the lack of a countdown last season. I know that all of you normally just tell me my choices are trash anyway, but for the four or five people that may have actually been looking forward to my picks...Yeah. Whoops.
Second, and this can also count as a disclaimer, I'm sorry for not including any of the girls from Yuru Camp. I acknowledge their cuteness but without having seen the series myself, I can't fairly rank them. Unfortunately, that was just one of the shows I had to skip this season.
Do I regret it? Yeah. But am I about to go back and catch up for the sake of this countdown? No. No, I am not.

Anyway, the rules will be the same as always. The girls are based not just on physical appearance but on their personality, seiyuu, and anything else that I decide is cute. After all, I'm the boss here- not you. That's what the comment section is for.

So, without further ado...Let's get this show on the road.

10) Akira Tachibana

Anime: After The Rain
CV: Sayumi Watabe

You know, at first glance, I didn't think I was going to be that fond of Akira. In fact, there were probably ten to fifteen other girls I would have chosen over her if we were going to do this based on physical appearance alone. But Akira's adorable mannerisms mixed with that adolescent discovery of first-love turn her into perhaps the most lovable protagonist of the season. Plus, she's got a bossy, semi-evil side to her that makes her all the more endearing. Sucks that I'm not a 45-year old dude. Disclaimer: That last sentence will only make sense if you watch the series.

9) Liza

Anime: Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody
CV: Minami Tsuda

As a fan of the manga, I was really excited to see Liza in the animated series. And despite a rocky start, Death March and it's surprisingly solid cast of female characters have really started to grow on me- Liza more than anyone else. I'm not normally the type to go for stoic girls (Or lizards, for that matter) but Liza is just friggin' adorable, man. I'm going to get into that whole thing about slaves being legal in the series but if I were there, I know where I'd be spending my money first...What? I'm just talking about taking her out to a nice dinner.

8) Matsuri Mizusawa

Anime: Citrus
CV: Shiori Izawa

To be frank, I knew I was going to love Matsuri the second I saw her. Not only does she have pink hair (One of my many bonus-point traits) but she likes girls (The biggest of my bonus-point traits). Matsuri, without beating around the bush, is a freaking bitch. She thinks she can just show up out of nowhere, ruin everything and expect everybody to fall in love with her. The worst part of this is that she's totally correct and I would love to be rejected by her. Sidenote: On a sheer physical basis, she is also my pick for most attractive girl of the season.

7) Hinata Miyake

Anime: A Place Further Than The Universe
CV: Yuka Iguchi

While Hinata may not be the cutest girl of the season, she's certainly my favorite character in my favorite anime of the season- and I'd call that a win in itself. Definitely the strangest of the bunch, Hinata is a weird blend of a childish ten-year-old girl and a cynical forty-year-old divorced woman, accompanied by a wonderful vocal performance from Yuka Iguchi. With several episodes left of the series, I'm excited to see how the development of Hinata rounds off. Because, as of right now, she's an incredibly interesting and incredibly adorable character. Just don't let her hold on to your stuff.

6) Lacia

Anime: Beatless
CV: Nao Touyama

Just when I was finally starting to get over Isla, this girl decides to show up. Much like the aforementioned Spring 2015 contender, Lacia is a white-haired [super hot] android. Apparently, the androids in Beatless come equipped with a seduction function as well, so that definitely gives her at least one edge over Isla. Apart from this, she's super useful, super strong, and super lovable. Lacia is the kind of girl that you introduce to your parents before she realizes she's out of your league and promptly stops seeing you. Then your parents ask, "Hey, what happened to that Lacia girl?" and you have feign ignorance before hiding in your bedroom and crying yourself to sleep. Just, Lacia probably wouldn't do that last part to you and would just cook you breakfast or something instead.

5) Ichigo

Anime: Darling In The FranXX
CV: Kana Ichinose

STOP. HATING. ON. ICHIGO. So what if she's a semi-typical childhood friend archetype? So what if Zero Two is more interesting than her in virtually every single way? Ichigo is the only other character in Darling In The FranXX with any amount of substance. Plus, she's frickin' adorable! Just look at her. Do you know what I would do if a girl like her from my childhood was head over heels in love with me? The complete opposite of whatever the hell Hiro is doing, that's what. Ichigo wins the honorary award for 'most-huggable' girl of the season. She also has very cute eyes and I would pilot her FranXX any day of the week.

4) Kanami Etou

Anime: Toji No Miko
CV: Kaede Hondo

Easily the most underrated girl of the season in terms of cuteness, Kanami is the protagonist of the exceedingly average "Katana Maidens" as it's labelled on Crunchyroll. Despite being borne by a mediocre mobile game turned anime, Kanami still manages to carry the moe aspect of Toji No Miko to a T. Of course, there are plenty of other adorable girls in the show's roster, but Kanami outshines all of them with her overly cutesy and slightly boyish demeanor. Hell, she was actually my number one in the early stages of this season. That is, until watching her series became more of a chore than a hobby.

3) Harumi Taniguchi

Anime: Citrus
CV: Yukiyo Fujii

Harumin is easily my favorite character of the season. Not only is she the best friend possible but she's hilarious in every sense of the word. And, even more than that, she's cute as hell. Her characterization doesn't often creep out of the "I'm only your friend" zone but, my god, do I wish it would. She and Yuzu would make a significantly better couple than the one we already have in the series but alas, I must confine these images to my mind and do my best to not force them onto the world. It's whatever, I guess. That just means there's more Harumin for me. I can also find solace in knowing that she would let me borrow her bike if I ever needed it for some reason. I don't know why I would, but I know she'd let me borrow it- and that's all that really matters, right?

2) Zero Two 

Anime: Darling In The FranXX
CV: Haruka Tomatsu

I'm assuming that Zero Two would be the fan-favorite this season if we let the viewers choose instead of relying on my universally-hated opinion. But instead of getting to celebrate her coming out on top (Not a sex pun) we're going to have to settle for her being below someone else (Okay, this one was a sex pun). At the end of the day, it's very hard to argue that Zero Two isn't cute in a weird, scary sort of way. Don't get me wrong, she is a terrible person and I would never even consider a relationship with her but...I mean, come on. She's gorgeous. And no, I'm not just saying this because she has pink hair.

Winter 2018 Champion: 1) Yuzu Aihara

Anime: Citrus
CV: Ayana Taketatsu

Remember that thing I said earlier about how liking girls equates to a mass amount of bonus points? Well, feast your eyes on this season's winner. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Trash taste/Wow, three characters from the same anime?/Zero Two is actually number one!/Lol pleb," but I can assure you that my opinion here cannot be so easily voided. Yuzu wasn't this high up on my list until a few weeks ago when she actually started, you know, developing. She's a lot more than just some typical yuri gyaru- she's another young girl trying to come to terms with both romantic feelings and sexual frustration. The outcome? Well, a ton of sentiment that's going to be taken as smut by those whose brains aren't advanced enough to comprehend the glory that is yuri romance. Yuzu is not only the cutest girl of the season. She's a surprisingly well-written and well-rounded character that transcends the overall quality of most anime protagonists.

And there you have it, everyone. The 10 cutest girls from the past few months. Now, go ahead and change your desktops, wallpapers, etc. You know the drill.

See you again at the end of next season for another "Cutest Girls"

Feel free to browse the rest of The Fandom Post until then!

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