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Top 10 Cutest Anime Girls Of Summer 2018

Hello and welcome back to the most factual and indisputable countdown on all of the Internet! Through painstaking research and many sleepless nights spent testing the various possibilities for an article as important as this, I have [once again] uncovered the true best-girls of the anime season. Now, I know that some of you less-intellectual beings out there will ridicule me for the non-inclusion of your waifu or whatever but, at the end of the day, which one of us has a formally published article on the subject matter?

You guessed it -- me. And with that being said, I'd like to give you a breakdown on what exactly I was looking at/for when I put this list together. (Clears throat).


Not just any sort of cuteness, however. I was looking for multi-tiered cuteness and not just that aesthetic nonsense so many of you whine about. We're looking at the big picture, ladies and gentlemen. Each of these girls was rated not just on their appearance but their personality, voice, development, and blah blah blah, etcetera etcetera. 

With all that being said, I guess I should stop running my mouth and show you who made the cut and who did not. So without further ado, here are the cutest girls of Summer 2018!

10) Uori Mukae

Anime: Ongaku Shoujo (TV)
CV: Yui Ogura

As the leader and most headstrong member of the aptly named "Music Girls," Uori needed to make a strong impression to compensate for the otherwise lackluster roster of the idol group. Needless to say, she accomplished that and some. Not only is Uori the glue that holds the Music Girls together, she's utterly adorable and is, apparently, a great cook as well! And if there is anything I love even half as much as cute 2D girls, it's food. Uori hits both of these marks while still maintaining her serious composure and beautiful [albeit seldom] smile.

9) Kanata Higa

Anime: Harukana Receive
CV: Saki Miyashita

Despite coming out of one of Summer's least impressive series, Kanata is able to harness the power of her semi-loli cuteness and become the protagonist that Harukana Receive needs (Given that the other one is actually impossible to like) in order to make it watchable. The whole 'body complex' thing gets stale rather quickly with most girls of Kanata's type, but something about her approach to the subject matter makes her significantly more enjoyable than others in the same field. Well, there's also a chance that I'm just over-attracted to the ponytail and swimsuit, but you get the gist. 

8) Yuika Shiwahime

Anime: Hanebado!
CV: Ai Kayano

Also known as the most underrated girl of the season, Shiwahime is yet another addition to the matriarchal category that Uori from Ongaku Shoujo falls into. As the voice of reason for one of the most renowned badminton clubs in all of Japan, Shiwahime thrives on her ability to diffuse otherwise toxic personalities (IE: Connie). When you combine that with her mature-yet-innocent allure, you have a rather interesting combination of traits that works wonders in determining her cuteness. Though she doesn't exactly excel in any particular category, her well-roundedness makes her an easy addition to the countdown.

7) Narumi Tooi

Anime: Harukana Receive
CV: Miyuri Shimabukuro

WHAT. A. BABE. No joke, Narumi is pretty much the image of perfection. I actually made the executive decision to not include any of the swimsuit pictures in fear that the website may crash from overload. That aside, however, her personality could use a bit of tuning up. If Narumi cut back on her seriousness more often, I can imagine her placing in the top five- maybe even higher. But looks can only carry you so far. And even though Narumi is a straight-up 10/10 in appearance, her low rankings in the other categories really go on to damage her overall image. Either way, I'd totally date her. She's probably into girls, though, so I guess I'll have to sit this one out.

6) Mikasa Ackerman

Anime: Attack On Titan Season 3
CV: Yui Ishikawa

Where would we be without Mikasa? Not dropping even a hint of cuteness since the first season aired nearly six-thousand years ago, Mikasa remains just as headstrong and desirable as ever. Her neverending affinity for Eren, mixed with how insanely badass she is, goes on to create a wonderfully diverse character that never ceases to amaze. I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing there were real people out there who could emulate even a shred of her coolness- but alas, it simply cannot be. Thankfully, we're going to have plenty of Mikasa moving forward as Attack on Titan shows no sign of slowing down. Oh, also, here is the obligatory mention of abs. Count me in.

5) Maho Hiyajo

Anime: Steins;Gate 0
CV: Sayuri Yahagi

I think I made it pretty clear in the last countdown just how much I love Maho. Well, truth be told, that hasn't changed. But with Steins;Gate 0 ramping up on its seriousness, Maho's had a bit less time to show us just how adorable she is. I mean, of course she still has her moments, but they're coming in less frequently and it's rather disheartening. I miss that adorable little panda. ANYWAY, she's still one of the highlights of the series and her newfound confidence is definitely aiding her overall characterization. I can't imagine anything ever happening to make me dislike her -- I just wish we got to see more of her. Maho spinoff next, please.

4) Rachel Gardner

Anime: Angels Of Death
CV: Haruka Chisuga

Now, I'm not normally into the whole blonde hair/blue eyes sort of thing. But you know what I am into? Girls who are dead inside. I'm not sure if it's because of the crazy eyes or the fact that I'm able to relate to them, but Rachel Gardner has this archetype DOWN. I've loved her all throughout Angels of Death, but the moment pictured above is what solidified it for me. You want to turn me on? Pull a friggin' gun on me because apparently, I'm into that. The only downside of Rachel (And I mean the ONLY downside) is that her deadpan persona can only carry her so far. And even though she's 100% cute in my book, there are a few other characters this season that I'd call cuter.

3) Suzuha Amane

Anime: Steins;Gate 0
CV: Yukari Tamura

Speaking of my new-found fetish for being held at gunpoint, here is yet another girl who is willing to cater to my needs. I've said it before and I will say it again, Suzuha has the best body in all of anime. Period. The fact that Steins;Gate 0 is willing to spend so much time embellishing her character makes me a lot happier than I ever thought it would. I've always loved Suzuha, but I've also always felt like she could be more. Well, now she is. And the direct result of this has landed her in the top three for summer -- even above Maho. I would gladly go bicycle riding with this female. True fans will remember the image I have in mind right now.

2) Rinne Ohara

Anime: Island
CV: Yukari Tamura

Let's ignore the fact that I've included two Yukari Tamura characters in a row and just get to the point. I loved Rinne before even watching Island. In fact, I fell in love as soon as I saw the promo material. Sure, it could just be the hat -- I do love hats. But Rinne is more than just her choice of headwear. She's a remarkably peculiar individual, and characters like that always tickle my fancy. The whole deredere archetype, which is usually hit-or-miss for me, is a critical hit this time as Rinne continues to reel me in each and every episode. Plus, the current arc puts her in a completely DIFFERENT HAT. Two hats in one series?! That's some You Watanabe level accessorizing. 

Summer 2018 Champion: 1) Ayano Hanesaki

Anime: Hanebado!
CV: Hitomi Ohwada

When Hanebado first started, I did not expect to like Ayano even half as much as I do now. In my "Judge the character by the opening" session, I even went as far as concluding that she was just a discount Mitsuha Miyamizu based on her appearance alone. BOY WAS I WRONG. Ayano is freaking insane, guys. Like she's got some weird split-personality stuff going on that, for some reason, makes me REALLY attracted to her. The incessant bouncing back and forth between personas makes her hyper-cute personality (When it eventually rears its head) not only insanely endearing but a little disturbing. And not only is she mentally broken, she's so tiny in comparison to everyone else in the show and it really gets you into that 'protective' mode. The only thing is that she, in no way, needs protection and will probably murder you one day. Ayano, please murder me first.

And there you have it, everyone. The 10 cutest girls from the past few months. Now, go ahead and change your desktops, wallpapers, etc. You know the drill.

See you again at the end of next season for another "Cutest Girls"

Feel free to browse the rest of The Fandom Post until then!

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